The King’s Coronation Celebration Dinner

Royal Academy of Arts, London 

The Royal Academy of Arts in London was the exquisite setting for the King's Coronation Celebratory Dinner hosted by our friend Sarah Haywood Weddings & Celebrations. The decor was inspired by the iconic painting "The Last Supper", under which the dinner took place. The painting provided the perfect inspiration for an opulent, gothic, early 12th-century style decor that left a lasting impression on all guests in attendance. 

Drawing inspiration from the Milanese Chapel where the original artwork was painted by Da Vinci himself, our design began at the entrance staircase. Guests were greeted by a dramatic floral display flanked by lanterns, setting the tone for the evening. As they ascended the stairs, the design unfolded, captivating their attention at every turn with moments of fullness and curated space. The journey culminated in a statement urn arrangement at the top of the stairs, serving as a focal point for the evening. 

A long dining table was perfectly positioned beneath the awe-inspiring painting, creating a visual masterpiece. Our team meticulously designed a tablespace that started from the floor and travelled up the length of the table, resulting in a sculpted, full, and lush design that complemented the surroundings beautifully. 

Carefully selected flowers were incorporated into the design to enhance the overall aesthetic. These unique and interesting floral arrangements complemented the simplicity of the elements, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience for all guests. Drawing inspiration from the artwork in the room, including the color scheme found in the clothing, the grapevines on the pillars, and the citrus fruit on the tables, our design seamlessly blended with the surroundings. 

In conclusion, our design transported guests to another time and place, evoking the grandeur and elegance of a bygone era. The King's Coronation Celebratory Dinner was truly a night to remember, filled with opulence, luxury, and unforgettable moments. 


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