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87–135 Brompton Road Knightsbridge London SW1X 7XL Find us in our new location in the LGF Seasonal Room, next to Harrods Brasserie and the Baccarat Bar
Purple flowers held by staff at Harrods in London.

At home among hundreds of the worlds’ most luxurious brands, we opened our flower concession at Harrods in July of 2017, offering visitors and curious onlookers stunning spectacles and rare breeds of flowers.

Featuring hand-selected blooms sourced and selected directly from our growers in Holland, the concession is a vivid showcase of our exceptional stems and designs.

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Our Harrods concession features new floral varieties and rare breeds not yet on the market.

Orchid flowers at Harrods.

Among our seasonal flowers, we feature tall stems of pristine roses, magnificent hydrangeas, and a wide range of garden roses — some so new that they have not yet been named. We likewise feature rare double lilies and show-stopping displays of orchids, cascading Phalaenopsis, and new breeds of Vanda and Cymbidium, just to name a few.

The albino-gold Vanda is a rure miracle of nature.

One of our Vanda Orchid grower’s employees, Pim, known as the “Orchid addict,” grows his own private collection of rare Orchids in the Ansu glasshouses for testing purposes. Every week, Pim makes his own selection of the most exquisite Vanda flowers from his collection especially for Harrods. He picks and packs them himself and sends them directly to us. They are always very rare blooms and are available only at Harrods.

There is one variety that stands out in particular for its beauty and its story. It has no name… It is a very beautiful Vanda Orchid that was discovered about 10 years ago by Steef van Adrichem, the owner of Ansu Vanda. He discovered a flower with a new and rare colour combination: white and golden yellow. It came from a white “albino” Orchid crossed with a Sanderiana Orchid, the original, bi-coloured species of Vanda Orchids. Its colour combination is extremely rare since white Orchids cannot be manually created but arrive, like an albino animal, as if an accident of nature.

This magnificent Vanda will now be available in very limited quantities, exclusively at the Neill Strain Floral Couture concession at Harrods.

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An assortment of orchid flowers.
Harrods Fragrance

Crowning glories

Harrods crowning glories collaboration photo shot.

With the concession at Harrods there are many exciting, highly creative projects that arise including collaborations with other concessions, hosting masterclasses, creating bespoke designs and installations for special occasions and much more.

In July 2017 we collaborated with the some of the world’s top perfume-makers and the Harrods magazine editor for a photo shoot to launch new fragrances. We were asked to create floral crowns, headdresses and fascinators for nine extraordinary fragrances including one for the front cover of the magazine.

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Harrods crowning glories collaboration photo shot.