60th Birthday Dinner, 

Spencer House London


The event was a luxurious and intimate dinner held at Spencer House in London to celebrate a milestone birthday. The stunning and historic surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion.  

A lavish tablescape design was meticulously crafted to impress guests and serve as the focal point of the celebration. A 17-foot floral table runner, organic in shape and varying in height, adorned the entire length of the dining table. The table was further enhanced with golden serving platters and footed goblets filled with black grapes, berries, and pomegranates, creating a sense of opulence and abundance. These elements added rich tones, shiny textures, and elevated the overall design of the dining table. 

Eye-catching floral arrangements were strategically placed on four candelabras, which were positioned at regular intervals along the table. The candelabras appeared as if they were naturally growing up from the floral runner, creating a visually stunning effect. 

Together, these elements combined to create a spectacular and whimsical homage to the grand feasts that would have once been enjoyed in such a magnificent dining space. 

Venue: Spencer House 
Photography: John Nassari 
Event Planner: Caroline Foster Brown 



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