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Introducing Our Valentine's Collection 2023

Neill Strain Floral Couture, despite many challenging factors due to the world’s current climate, is launching a new Collection of romantic designs more breath-taking than ever to celebrate love, passion and devotion with the most extraordinary red Roses and exceptional artistry. Neill explains how he sourced the world's most incredible Red Naomi Roses for his bouquets and from where he takes his artistic inspiration.
February 14th 2023 will mark the fifteenth Valentine's Collection I have created for Neill Strain Floral Couture since we opened in Belgravia in 2008. Every Collection is memorable for me, but this year's perhaps even more so.  
My business model has always been to source throughout the year the very best flowers in the world directly from the most innovative and environmentally-conscious growers. For Valentine’s Day we select the very finest premium red Roses available from the grower that has the strongest plants and the most beautiful blooms grown in a sustainable way with respect to the environment - factors that can change from year to year.

Luxury Valentine's red Roses Neill Strain Floral Couture London

For the 2023 Valentine's Collection I have sourced my red Roses from the Dutch grower, Van der Drift, revered for their "Red Naomi" Roses which are truly outstanding due to recent innovations at the glasshouse. In 2019 they dug out all their old plants and planted new ones, and now these plants are at their peak in quality producing absolutely magnificent blooms. In addition, Van Der Drift have completely rebuilt their operation with new, state-of-the-art glasshouses that provide maximum air and light, factors which further improve the strength, size, beauty and vase life of the Roses. Luxury red Roses Valentine's Neill Strain London

Furthermore, as with all our carefully selected growers, Van der Drift are leaders in sustainability. In addition to using organic products and techniques for growing, re-using water and their conscious use of packaging, they heat their glasshouses during the colder months with geothermal heating, natural energy clusters extracted from natural hot water pockets underground, a new and unique form of low cost energy generation created in collaboration with four neighbours.

Van der Drift Red Naomi luxury roses Neill Strain

While we are all suffering from increased electricity bills, the price of energy to heat the glasshouses in Holland has become so devastating that one third of the growers have had to halt their heating systems. As such, flower production has fallen and prices continue to rise which means there will be an alarming shortage of red Roses this year for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to our exceptional relationship with Van der Drift, we have been able to secure our desired supply of incredible red Roses for our 2023 Valentine’s CollectionLuxury Valentine's roses Neill Strain London

Thanks to this highly privileged situation, I am excited to introduce this year's Collection including the extraordinary bouquet of one hundred Van der Drift’s "Red Naomi" Roses. The remarkable opulence and magnificence of this bouquet is indescribable. Enhanced with a mix of gold and green buds and foliages, the bouquets sits in a leaf-lined glass vase and is guaranteed to overwhelm its beholder.

Luxury Valentine's gift Neill Strain London

Our "Red Naomi" Rose bouquets are also available with 12, 18, 24,36 and 48 blooms, nestled amongst the gold Waxflowers and green foliage in a tall leaf-lined glass vase. Any custom variations from the Collection, including different stem numbers and even larger bouquets, are available by special request. Luxury Valentine's roses Neill Strain London

In addition to bouquets of red Roses, the Collection also includes an impressive floral heart created with a majestic display of red Roses weaved by our floral couturiers into a dome-shaped heart including seasonal foliage and framed with variegated ivy. The base of the heart is made of paper mache and is 100% biodegradable, in keeping with our strict sustainability policy in respect of the environment.

Luxury red rose Valentine's heart Neill Strain London

For those looking for an alternative to red Roses, we have two stunning options. A pastel coloured bouquet, created with our exceptional "Avalanche" Roses, including "Sweet" and "Pearl," which can be ordered with 12, 24, 48 and again 100 stems, enhanced with seasonal foliage and delivered in a leaf-lined glass vase. "Avalanche" Roses are possibly the most popular cut Rose today. They have tall strong stems, large heads that are packed with layers and layers of petals that gradually open up into a traditional, garden-Rose style shape, and their vase life, like the "Red Naomi," is impressive. 

Luxury Valentine's Roses Neill Strain London

Another alternative to red Roses is our "Perfect Romance" bouquet, created with a divine mix of pink Roses, Vanda Orchids, Calla Lilies, Raspberry Dianthus, dark chocolate coloured Germini and Poker Chyrasanthemums. Deeply textured, and with a dark and sultry pink colour palette, this hand-tied bouquet exudes romance and passion from its sheer beauty.

Luxury Valentine's Gift Neill Strain London 

I have also included in the Collection a signature Petite Couture design with the same mix of "Perfect Romance" blooms which can be ordered with our fragranced candle “Rose & Oud.” Our candles are made with 100% natural ingredients and give approximately 45 hours of delicious scent and delight. For more information on our fragranced candles click hereLuxury Valentine's gift set Neill Strain London

The designs for the new Valentine’s Collection are, as so often in my work, inspired by haute couture, playing with the interaction of colour nuances, sensual textures and different mediums to create an emotional impact. While fashion designers work with the most exquisite of man-made fabrics such as rich velvets and hand-beaded lace, we design with a living, breathing product, created by nature, that is ephemeral, delicate yet just as versatile. 

I hope you will enjoy our 2023 Valentine's Collection and that your loved ones will be amazed and euphoric with their flowers.

Florally yours,

Neill x

Luxury Valentine's red Roses Neill Strain London