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Christmas Home Floral Arrangements

Despite the recent government regulations, Neill and his team are making preparations to ensure this Christmas will be one of exception. Christmas flowers and Christmas floral arrangements, along with the festive decor, create the joyful atmosphere that lifts the spirits and delights the senses in the tradition of the season. In this blogpost, Neill shares the trends and traditions for decorating your home in Christmas 2020.

Christmas Trees, delivered and fully decorated by Neill Strain Floral Couture

Christmas Trees, delivered and fully decorated by Neill Strain Floral Couture

It's hard to believe that Christmas is yet again upon us, especially in such an unusual times. Although we don't yet know how Christmas will unfold, if we can reunite family and friends, host a small Christmas party, or not, we are preparing the decorations so that the season will be comfortingly beautiful, no matter what the circumstances.

Christmas door wreath

Christmas Flower Arrangement Christmas Door Wreath

UK Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flower Arrangement with candles

Luxury Christmas flower arrangement

2020 Christmas Collection.
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Our home styling service is completely bespoke. We can create personalised decorations for you, and transform your home into a festive fantasy of childish dreams that combines elegance and opulence with a touch of the theatrical. Taking into consideration the style of your home and the colour palette, we design everything for the home from fully decorated Christmas trees and door wreaths, to a garland around the mantelpiece and/or the stairwell, a lavish table setting and festive displays about the house that remind one of the joy of the season.
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here and we can deliver nationwide.
Fragranced candles bespoke fragranced candle fragranced candle Christmas fragranced candles

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be creating some beautiful harvest flower designs and arrangements for the occasion.
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online or telephone orders for our Florist's Choice hand-tied bouquets, flower arrangements and Orchid planters in the colour palette of your choice. Our London flower delivery service will bring them to your door the same day, strictly following all safety regulations and precautions.
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