Neill Strain Floral Couture

Life as a Florist in Belgravia

Neill gives us a glimpse of his life as a florist living and working in Belgravia.

Beauty in a Bentley in Belgravia.  Photographed by John Nassari.

Beauty in a Bentley in Belgravia. Photographed by John Nassari.

Ever since my first Saturday job in a flower shop in Ireland when I was only 11 years old, I knew I wanted to be a floral designer. The more I studied floristry and design, both in the U.K. and abroad, the more I knew I wanted to create designs that would be inspirational, extraordinary and theatrical in a style I could call the haute couture of flowers. It was the clientele for this style that brought me to Belgravia which has now become my home.

Walking to work across Belgrave Square has become a part of my everyday life. The leafy garden squares in Belgravia are impressive. The timeless trees that dominate the skyline, the shrubs, plants and flowers that have become my faithful friends; they are all part of the nature that inspires me through the seasons. The interplay of architecture and landscaping, of buildings and open spaces reaches perfection. For me, urban life couldn't be better!

Thanks to my discerning clients I am able to work with the highest quality; this means selecting the freshest flowers and offering a wide range of varieties including some rare species to inspire and indulge. Most of our flowers are picked especially for us in Holland and delivered the same day so that we can guarantee they are the freshest flowers in London. I regularly visit the breeders and growers in Holland to discover the newest and most beautiful varieties available. At The Flower Lounge, we are renowned for our giant hand-tied bouquets, often 1 meter tall, our delicate and exquisite couture bouquets and most of all our bespoke arrangements for those wishing to express a specific emotion or message with flowers.

Many celebrities buy their flowers from us and we relish their unusual and special requests... Recently we were commissioned by Lady Gaga to make a bespoke gift for Donatella Versace. We created larger-than-life letters 'D V' embellished from top to toe with fresh Roses and Gardenias (Donatella's favourite flower) and I personally delivered them to her in Milan !

Here's a glimpse of luxury in Belgravia.

Fairytale weddings, floral styling for the refined interiors of our Belgravia homes, corporate and private installations also prevail under the umbrella of Neill Strain Floral Couture. Designing with flowers while embracing different colour palettes, styles and the tastes of our clients is intoxicating for me !

Photographed by John Nassari:

Photographed by John Nassari:

You can see me explaining more about my life as a florist in Belgravia and our work at The Flower Lounge on the Grosvenor Estate's website where they feature a retailer each month in "The Chronicle." To view the short film follow the link : And if this inspires you, please drop into the Boutique for a blissful moment of floral pampering...

Florally yours,

Neill x