Christmas Amaryllis Planters

Luxury Christmas Amaryllis Planters

Our Amaryllis planters require almost no maintenance. The bulbs are grown to store maximum food and energy within and will draw moisture from condensation within the glass vase, hence no additional misting is necessary. The stems will grow longer and the flowers will eventually bloom above the glass vase. Turn the vase 90 degrees every few days as flowers will grow towards the light.

After Christmas and once the flowers fade, you can plant the bulb in a container filled with soil and water regularly. Cut the stems off once they turn yellow. New stems will grow and flowers will bloom again next year. 


  • All flowers, foliage, baubles and decorations are for decorative purposes. Some flowers and plants can be harmful if consumed.
  • Care should be taken to keep your planter out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Please take care when positioning your floral display within your home or office as dampness from condensation can cause damage to delicate surfaces. Always place the vase or container onto a protective mat.
  • Remove pollen from flowers as they open to avoid the risk of staining.
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